Kia’s New Head of Style

By Elissa Arms | Posted in News, People on Friday, September 15th, 2017 at 3:47 pm
Adopting a more European look, Kia appoints designer Pierre Leclercq asthe new Head of their Style department

Kia has recently announced that they will be appointing a new style head. Pierre Leclercq was selected for the position. Leclercq was formerly a designer at BMW, as well as Great Wall Motor. Kia has been switching up their lineup recently, and earlier this month Ian Kewley was appointed as head of dealer development.

With the experience he possesses from his previous positions, Leclercq should be able to perform very well in the position. Leclercq will be working specifically towards strengthening Kia’s position in the Chinese auto market. Sales for the company have been down in the country. Having a fresh take on the company’s style strategy moving forward may help strengthen the company’s position within the country.

A New Direction

It’s interesting to note a common theme that’s developing in Kia’s design and style. This is the fact that Kia is clearly taking steps towards a more European style of vehicle. While they will, of course, keep their unique style, Kia is showing a clear desire to design vehicles after the European model.

The Kia Stinger, which is making waves as it gathers more attention, is a sleek and stylish sports sedan. You can see the European influence in the vehicle, even though the vehicle is still distinctly Kia. Additionally, Kia and Hyundai’s choices for design chiefs show this desire. In addition to Leclercq, two of Hyundai’s heads, Simon Loasby and Peter Schreyer, worked for European automakers (Volkswagen and Audi, respectively).

Kia has placed a new style head in hopes of making progress in difficult vehicle markets. It will be interesting to see where Leclercq guides the company, and whether or not he will choose more European styles.  

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