Vehicle Checkup / Inspection

Whether it's time for your state inspection or you're just looking for a tuneup, Outten Kia is here to offer you and your vehicle quick, convenient service!

It's important to keep up with state vehicle inspections to be sure your car, truck or SUV is in safe working condition - Plus it'll save you a hefty fine! Outten Kia is proud to offer inspection services that will keep you in the clear and your vehicle running smoothly. 

What if it's not time for your inspection, but you'd still like to stop in for a quick checkup? Many drivers want to protect their engines with regular maintenance, or  they might want to prepare for a road trip or busy season. Whatever your need, call Outten Kia! We'll thoroughly check your engine and its systems, recommending any repairs or replacements needed to improve performance and prevent future issues from developing. 


Why Outten?

You can expect the very best in auto care from the professional technicians at Outten. No matter what you drive, we can fix it! We treat every car, truck or SUV like one of our own.

We're conveniently located in Hamburg, on Route 61. Simply drop off your vehicle for an appointment and pick up when its ready. We guarantee it won't be long! The next time you need a vehicle inspection or a checkup, please contact the Outten Kia Service Center, or use the link to our apponintment scheduling tool below.


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