Transmission Flush

A vehicle is a major investment. Protect your engine and prolong its lifespan with a transmission flush from Outten Kia.

With every mile you drive, your vehicle's engine picks up dirt, grime and other debris along the way. While even the most careful drivers can't prevent this from happening, you can remove buildup and start fresh with a transmission flush performed by our qualified service technicians.

A Specialty Service

At home mechanics likely won't have the dedicated machinery needed to complete a transmission flush in the garage, and an improperly conducted procedure may end up damaging your systems instead of improving performance. Unlike a regular oil change, which simply drains the dirty oil, a flush will completely and thoroughly clean your engine out, often with a special cleaning solution. 

Immediate Benefits

The main point of a transmission flush is to prevent issues that develop as a result of a dirty engine, which can be very expensive to fix and seriously shorten your vehicle's lifespan. However, you'll also likely notice additional benefits immediately, like increased performance and fuel efficiency.

Recommended Frequency

Engines don't need transmission flushes as frequently as they do oil changes. Scheduling one every 30,000 miles is an excellent practice for maintaining a healthy engine. 


Why Outten?

The skilled technicians at the Outten Kia Service Center, have the tools and knowledge needed to perform your transmission flush safely and effectively so you can reap the benefits without the risk of harming your vehicle. We work on your schedule, completing all repairs on time and getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

Don't have a Kia? Don't worry! We service a variety of makes and models. Simply give us a call or schedule an appointment using the handy link below. We are conveniently located on Route 61 in Hamburg, just a short drive from Reading and Allentown. Whenever you need auto service, including a transmission flush, be sure to give us a try! We're confident you'll be a customer for life.


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