Tire Rotation Service

Good tires are a major investment for vehicle owners. Protect yours with tire rotation services from the experts at Outten Kia!

Even the best quality tires only last so long. With regular wear and tear from everyday driving, most need to be replaced every few years to ensure your safety on the road. Unfortunately, a full new set can be quite expensive, and many vehicle owners search for ways to increase the lifespan of their tires as much as possible.

One way to get the most out of your wheel is by scheduling a tire rotation with a qualified service center like the one at Outten Kia in Hamburg!

Why should I schedule a tire rotation?

Regular tire rotations - once every 8,000 miles - can do wonders to extend the life of your tires and improve your vehicle's traction and performance immediately. 

How does tire rotation work?

During a tire rotation, a technician will switch the position of your tires according to factory guidelines. This will allow the tires to wear more evenly, preventing them from going bald after too much friction in one spot.

Why do I need a professional tire rotation?

You may be thinking, I can change a tire myself! Why can't I perform a tire rotation at myself? It's a nice idea, but without proper training, most vehicle owners will risk causing  bigger problems than uneven wear. Unless you are an experienced home mechanic, it's best to leave this maintenance to the professionals!

Why Outten?

At Outten Kia, we work on your schedule to provide high quality auto repairs in a timely manner. We know you're busy, and we respect your time. And, thanks to our convenient location in Hamburg, dropping off and picking up your vehicle is a breeze!

Our commitment to customer service is our number one priority, and you can always count on us for exceptional care. Call today to schedule your next appointment, or fill out the form below. We'd be happy to help with your tire rotation, tire balance, front-end alignment and more!


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