Electrical Service

Electrical systems power more features in your vehicle than you might guess. When they aren't functioning properly, call Outten Kia for fast, convenient service!

Unless you have a fully electric automobile, you use gas to power your engine, but did you know that electrical systems are still responsible for powering your AC unit, power steering, lights and more? If any of these features loses function, you'll need a qualified auto technician like the ones at Outten Kia to get your car, truck or SUV in working order again.

Take a look at some common electrical problems below:


From your headlamps to your taillights to turn signals to the dashboard, all illumination in a vehicle is powered by electricity. Replacing a bulb may solve the problem, but if it's a wiring issue, there's no quick fix. You'll need a professional to set things right so your lights don't burn out again.

Power Locks and Windows

It's rare to find a vehicle these days without power locks and windows, which make life a bit easier for the modern driver. But, if they malfunction, you'll be stuck with closed windows or a significant security risk. If your power locks or windows are broken, Outten Kia's skilled electrical technicians can help!

Power Steering

Without power steering, turning your steering wheel takes some serious strength. While that's fine for bodybuilders, most drivers don't want to break a sweat just making a right. If you're feeling excess resistance at the wheel, give us a call.

Air Conditioning

There are other causes for a broken AC system, but electrical issues are one of the hardest to fix. We can handle it at Outten Kia!


Why Outten?

At the Outten Kia Service Center, we have skilled professional auto electricians on staff who can solve tricky electrical issues and keep your lights, power steering and other systems in great condition. We'll complete all repairs on time, every time, so you and your car can get back on the road in record time.

We service nearly any type of vehicle, please give us a call or schedule an appointment using the handy link below no matter what make and model your drive. Our service center is conveniently located on Route 61 in Hamburg for easy drop off and pickup. The next time you experience electrical problems, or if you're looking for a different vehicle service, be sure to give us a call!


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