Coolant Flush

You won't get very far with an overheating engine. Protect your investment and prevent serious issues from developing with regular coolant flushes from Outten Kia. 

Engine coolant, also known as antifreeze, keeps your engine cool, allowing it to function normally even in the extreme heat. Without it you'd suffer massive engine failure costing thousands of dollars to fix.

Your vehicle's cooling system can experience significant wear and tear over the years and, just like oil, your coolant needs to be replaced regularly. During a coolant flush, a trained technician will completely flush all of the existing fluids from your engine, checking for leaks or damages along the way, and replace it with a clean, fresh supply that will keep your car, truck or SUV running at the right temperature.


Why Outten?

Our friendly, experienced staff will be glad to help you take care of your vehicle, no matter what make and model you drive. We use only the highest quality tools and materials to give you the exceptional service you deserve.

Our lot is conveniently located on Route 61 in Hamburg, so it's easy to drop off your car for maintenance and pick it up once it's done. If you're interested in learning how a coolant flush can protect and prepare your engine, give us a call today or schedule using the link to our online form below.


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